Jenn Smith – Canada

Jenn Smith is opposed to the SOGI 123 materials being used in B.C. schools to teach students about sexual orientation and gender identity, arguing they put students at risk of harm, and that he has a right to express his views even if others find those views hateful.  Read Article > RELATED News Articles Website

Anti-SOGI 123 speech in Oak Bay won’t be cancelled

Oak Bay council without legal grounds to cancel controversial speaker; two counter protests planned – April 2019

SOGI 123 Protestors clash at BC Legislature

SOGI 123 protesters clash at B.C. Legislature – SEPT 29 2018



I was chemically & surgically castrated to treat my stage 4 endometriosis & Adenomyosis. I am now a medical patient for life and this is a space that no one should WANT to be in and in no way shape or form could CHILDREN consent to these changes. #pubertyblockerssuck #pubertyblockers #protectkids

♬ original sound – Puberty Blockers Suck

This is one of the most important videos I will ever post. Warriors like her helped sway me away from more courses of hormone blockers to treat my stage 4 deeply infiltrating endometriosis. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Listen to us women in the endo community who are trying to WARN parents about the serious risks involved with placing their children on puberty blockers. There are many other ways to help your gender dysphoric child than injecting them with a poison chemo drug and setting them on a path of lifetime medicalization. #pubertyblockers #pubertyblockerssuck

♬ original sound – Puberty Blockers Suck

Trans men speak OUT! Thank you for using your voices to expose the corruption. Follow the money! @trevoices #buckangel #scottnewgent #lupron #pubertyblockers

♬ original sound – Puberty Blockers Suck

Protecting Vulnerable Gender-confused Youth From Medical Harm, Amputation, & Sterilization

Predator Watch

An interview with a legitimate Canadian male cross dresser, who is against the medicalization of kids. Aug 2 2020

Red Flags : Detrans Diary

Prisha Mosley : Red flags my doctors should have seen.

Oliver Davies: Healing Through Detransition Youtube Podcast

The Becket Cook Show

Reviews the song “We’ll Convert Your Children” In today’s episode, Becket takes a look at the video released by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus through the lens of Douglas Murray’s book, “The Madness of Crowds.” He explores the overreach of the LGBTQ movement and the need for prayer for those trapped in that life.

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