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“We are being told that the “trans movement” is a movement that’s looking out for the best interest of vulnerable gender confused minors and young adults, intended to affirm them just the way they are. But is that really the case, or is there something these pushers of this grand scheme are hoping the public does not catch on to – in terms of financial and sexual predators using this man made psychologically ruse, as a means of enriching themselves by exploiting the emotional vulnerabilities and untreated mental health issues of some young people? The reality of what is taking place is not a pretty one, in fact its down right nefarious.

As it turns out, this movement is actually only benefitting those pushing it at the physical, emotional and psychological expense of the minors and young adults that have been groomed into an inner state of confusion, willing to endure significant pain needlessly, instead of being helped to accept who they are.” Jon Uhler