Students are brainwashed from an early age, with out their parents even knowing.

Theres so much focus on changing the minds of youth, it can only be labeled as a form of “brainwashing”. Posters, Videos, Books, TV Shows and more – but it starts in the Classroom.

Students likely have no idea why the strange questions in school, and why the sexual images in booksprovided by the schools, school boards and publishers.

Southgate school in Campbell River 2022

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Source : Pubertyblockerssuck Website TikTok

Completely disgusting medical propaganda video created for fifth grade students. This video makes me want to puke because they are literally indoctrinating kids into irreversible medicalization! #pubertyblockers #pubertyblockerssuck #protecttranskids

Australia : Standards of Care Treatment Guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Children

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